winter heat

Blogging this look like it's NOT hotter than the devil's behind right now.

It's about that time of the winter when Los Angeles has a really confusing couple weeks of summer-like temperatures. It's been 80-90° F and rising--today, I even read that the next couple days may hit record highs. Thanks a lot, California.

I managed to enjoy this look on a slightly cooler afternoon. Wearing a faux fur vest lets me feel like I'm participating in winter fashions without the warmth commitment. As much as I loved it, this is just not going to cut it...I can't wait for my escape into the NYC chill next week. Give me layers or give me death!

The Look:
Storets vest.
Feel The Piece sweater.
Strom jeans.
Adornmonde bodychain.

Photography by Megan Batson.


  1. The vest is my absolute favorite! <3

  2. Love the shoes!

  3. Such a cute vest! Perfect for London weather ;D

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. Loving your hair right now. So beautiful!

  5. love that vest and you look beautiful !

  6. Love those shoes, look really comfy!

  7. The last pic is really nice...Maybe also the others with a bit of light would have been even better

  8. Haha I also like cold and layers but it's been so cold in NYC this past week that I'm kind of wanting warmth. But living in seasons is great, you get the cold and the heat. Love the white faux fur look.