It's this creature's birthday weekend! 

Gone are the years when I'd extensively plan a huge rager to celebrate another year. Nowadays, this girl just wants to travel and chill with a few good friends.

26 finds me hightailin' it out of California on a roadtrip through Arizona and New Mexico, to get to Santa Fe for this. It'll be a quiet weekend with just my love and me, and then I return to have a nice birthday dinner with my best pals in Los Angeles. I'll be shooting, filming, Instagramming, Snapchatting, everything-ing the festivities, so follow along on my socials!

This is also a good time as any to make a big announcement: I'm moving to NYC! I'll still be bicoastal, but instead of living in Los Angeles and visiting New York once or twice a month, I'll be living in New York and visiting Los Angeles once or twice a month. This is what I've dreamt about and worked towards for the last couple years, and I have to pinch myself to believe it's all coming true. I found the perfect apartment in Brooklyn, signed the lease, and my move-in date is literally on my birthday, May 1st (although I won't be officially moved in until I finish school in mid-May and my DTLA loft's lease ends in mid-June). This is the best birthday present I could give myself.

Thanks for ringing in another wonderful year with me! xoxo

The Look:
Nasty Gal vest.
Nasty Gal skirt.
The2bandits bolo necklace.
Maison de Morgana earrings.

Photography by Anna Demarco.


  1. Congrats! Have fun in NYC, your hair color is so cool, so is your black dress.


  2. Happy birthday weekend! Have an awesome road trip~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. Hope you'll have an amazing birthday weekend!

    So happy for your journey in NYC. Wishing you the best!


  4. That skirt is so cute! Happy your birthday weekend! xoxo

    Daniel x
    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez
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  6. I loooooove your hair


  7. I really love the western vibes in this outfit.You look like an old fashioned saloon girl...in a good way!


  8. The dress is beautiful and has unique design, amazing!


  9. I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelings through your blog!