summer dressing

Wedding dress-pretty and yet wearable enough for the city, For Love & Lemons does it again.

Their intricate embroidery and sultry, sheer details make these very feminine dresses wearable even for someone like me. I styled this beauty with my favorite moto and hat and some flat boots, along with a color-coordinated paper bag-esque leather satchel. The casual leather details make all the difference. I can totally see this dress becoming a summer staple--picnics, yacht rides, festivals, road trips, you name it!

Speaking of road trips, I had the most fantastic time in New Mexico with the boothang. It took us a whopping 21 hours to get there (thanks to a very-much-worth-it detour to see the Grand Canyon at sunrise), and a long 14 hours to get back to Los Angeles. The whole reason for my trip was to visit the House of Eternal Return (here's a TED Talk on Meow Wolf in general), and it did not disappoint. I'm sure your perception of my journey through the House via social media felt disjointed and scattered (in all honesty, that was my IRL experience as well), but I've filmed a lot of it to share with you guys. Yes, I'm finally getting back on the 'Tube, and I promise it this time!!! Blogs are awesome, but they can feel a little flat and one-dimensional at times. I want you to see me in all my awkward glory. Stay tuned.

The Look:
For Love & Lemons dress.
Boater hat (similar here).
Marie Turnor bag.
Maison de Morgana necklace.

Photography by Megan Batson.


  1. Nude perfection! In love with this summer style~

    New on the blog ---

  2. So cute! This is something I would definitely wear and will try out!

    Check out my most recent post on my blog. <3

    Much love,
    Danielle Torres

  3. I like the hat and the jacket are perfect.


  4. Beautiful dress!

    DadieB. ~

  5. I love how you made this dress fit your personal style so well. Its super refreshing to see something so delicate and beautiful paired with something with a harder, more masculine edge, in the boots.

  6. Love the look! Perfect use of the Picnic To-Go shoulder bag x