beauty: splat colorizer

Here comes the annual Coachella haircolor unveiling!

I decided to come full circle and go back to blue hair. Last Coachella brought about a pastel teal shade, and this year finds me a jewel blue hue with Splat. Splat Colorizer brings you a 5-minute tone that lasts 5-10 shampoos. 5-10 shampoos! That's an eternity in colored hair world, because let's get real, we wash our hair once or twice a week to avoid fading anyway.

Start your Splat experience with bleached or already blonde hair. The lightness of your blue depends on the lightness of your base. After stripping the purple from my hair, my hair was a dirty blonde underneath, hence the jewel hues. If you have light blonde hair, you'll achieve a more pastel shade. I really love how mine turned out!

Blue is one of my favorite haircolors that I've had, and my head definitely feels back at home. Grey was great for the winter, but it's time to have fun with those summer hues again.

The Look:

Photography by Anna Demarco.
In collaboration with Splat.


  1. Splat Colorizer sounds AMAZING. I'm really crossing my fingers that they have them in red because I'm thinking of going red soon. Also, you look BOMB.

  2. -this really went amazing, your colour looks marvellous! Especially love the greyish tones mixed into, makes them so lively and so... natural (as if colourful hair could look natural - if it could, it would look like this)! It really suits you. I especially like the portrait picture.

  3. Perfect outfit, you look really cool!

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