making my way downtown

Snapped this v colorful outfit while strolling through the neighborhood the other day. While I would normally feel out of place in such a feminine shade, small details like coordinating hardware and accessories, a badass shibari rope harness, and faux crocodile platforms make me feel right at home.

It's the Mondayest Monday I've had in a whiiiile, but I'm working hard to get new content (and a new site layout, what what?) up for y'all! Coachella is this weekend and I am stoked to show you everything I'm working on for it. Stay tuned!

The Look:
American Apparel trench coat.
Forever 21 skirt (here and here).
DSTM harness.
Aoko Su cuff.

Photography by Randy Tran.


  1. You friggin' rock non-black, Eugenie. Strong accessories are definitely what I go for when I wear more feminine shades and you've just basically created the textbook example of the look. Have fun at Coachella; I can't wait to see your outfits!


  2. That harness, I can wear even at the office!!!👍❤️😍

  3. The fur on the bag, is it real?

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