Instagram Roundup: Looking For Alaska

Here we have my first Instagram roundup ever (the first of many, because what better way is there to tell the full story behind the short caption blurbs?) + a few previously unreleased iPhone shots. I spent the better part of this week in chilly Alaska--a state that many wish to visit but few venture to--with EMU Australia. It was so much more breathtaking than I could have imagined. And, as I have a penchant for visiting tropical destinations in the dead of winter, visiting a more arctic atmosphere in the summer was a welcome reprieve.

1. Shoutout to Alaska Air for first-class accommodations--they made my 12-hour trek to and from Alaska from New York all the more bearable.

2. A welcome dinner our first night in town.

3. Went hiking with the crew (Liz of Late Afternoon, Courtney of Always Judging, and Sheryl of Walk in Wonderland). I'm not actually this tall, it's an optical illusion because I'm standing uphill, haha.

4. Sheryl's and my matching EMU boots.

5. Walked on a glacier.

6. Dog sledding went down in the books as one of the most epic experiences of my life. These dogs (all professional athletes who run the famed, traditional Iditarod) were so exuberantly about their runs; the happiness was infectious.

7. Couldn't not give doggo pats.

8. We also played with 18-day old Alaskan Husky puppers. The mother was with them on site (and loved people playing with her and her pups). The reason why they need human interaction at such a young age is so they get accustomed to human contact and lessen the chance of skittishness in adulthood.

9. Courtney and me playing with our pups. Did you know these Alaskan Huskies do best at -20° Fahrenheit?!

10. A glass of rosé after a long day.

11. Day 2.

12. The grounds of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. All animals are rescues, and none are caught in the wild.

13. Totally unrelated photo of me posing in a bush.

14. A grazing moose named Nelson. The moose was rescued at an extremely young age, so he's very friendly with humans. He's even been in some TV shows and movies in Hollywood!

15. Glacier rafting.

16. Some icebergs in the water.

17. My raft city squad.

18. Spencer Glacier from afar-ish. It's a 1.5 mile travel to get to it from shore. Also, did you know that glaciers = frozen rivers and icebergs = the pieces that break off? How did I not know this?

19. Your friendly neighborhood goth.

20. Probably my favorite photo of the trip. We were feeling really happy and serene here, and it shows.

21. I was really into that little pool of water for some reason and I wanted a picture with it.

22. It was gloomy/rainy the whole trip, but we had one sudden burst of sunshine at Spencer Glacier, so I took a selfie in it.

23.  Saying goodbye to Alaska--hopefully it's more like "see you later".

More photos of our trip and outfits coming soon!


  1. This outfit is killer, I'd wear it as much as i possible could if i owned it!

  2. The pics are so beautiful,I totally wants to go to Alaska now

  3. This all looks so incredible and the little pups!!! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. Absolutely stunning, i cant imagine what a breathtaking experience it must have been to actually be there, im overflowing with envy right now because it just looks insane x

    GIVEAWAY on Fashion Dew

  5. Those puppies!! Looks like you had a blast!

  6. What an incredible experience! BTW your hair looks BOMB~

  7. All of those images and the whole experience looks amazing!
    Kinga x

  8. The shots are so breathtaking! You look amazing in them too, great experience!

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