EMU Australia #EMUExploresAlaska

Here's the followup I promised!

Exploring Alaska with EMU Australia and my blogger squad made up of Sheryl, Liz, and Courtney was incredible. Not only was the location a beaut and the team a hoot, let's be real--these shoes were made for this.

I love traveling to tropical places in the winter and arctic places in the summer because of the simultaneously mild local temperature + a getaway from current temperatures, but the trouble with traveling to a destination during its off-season is that the weather sometimes sucks. Alaska wasn't too bad, but truth be told, it was raining all three days we were there. Some days were worse than others, depending on how long we were exploring outdoors, whether or not there was snow involved, etc. The struggle was real.

I remarked at least twice a day that the only dry, warm, and comfortable part of my body was my feet. Whether we had on the completely shearling-lined styles (versus partially), or waterproof styles (versus water-resistant), none of us ever complained about cold/painful feet. Not even Courtney, who hates wearing socks with shoes.

I returned from the trip with a full suitcase of EMU Australia kicks in tow, and I'm ready for another brutal NYC winter.

Shop the styles I wore in Alaska below!

All styles by EMU Australia


  1. Your look and the scenery reminds me of The Lord of the Rings. All pictures, scenery is mesmerizing and mystique. Thank you for the tour❤️

  2. Beyond cool babe! Perfect for heavy East Coast snow~


  3. I love this whole post, im so in love with your images of alaska its unreal

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin'


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  5. Just curious, did the soles of your shoes seem to have enough grip to avoid slipping on ice? Would love to get a pair for NYC winters as well~


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