Urban Cowboy B&B: Arrive as Strangers, Leave as Friends

I had heard of Urban Cowboy through the Brooklyn grapevine: friends sung their praises on how immaculately decorated the Brooklyn space was and what a great, fun atmosphere it was to stay in. When I discovered they had a Nashville location that had pulled out all the stops in terms of decor and design, I knew I needed to stop by on my cross-country road trip.

Never have I traveled somewhere and wanted to stay indoors this badly. Urban Cowboy B&B Nashville is situated in a big, lovely Victorian house. Every room is decorated differently and comes with a tub (such a luxury!). I lived for the claw foot one in my room.

I'm usually the type to stay in my room in solitude, but the environment at Urban Cowboy coaxed me out of my shell. Every corner and cranny in the house's shared spaces was made for pursuits of personal pleasure: reading nooks, huge music rooms with every instrument at your disposal, communal breakfasts, chairs on the porch, and free whiskey for guests (I especially loved this). The couple in charge of holding down the fort lived on the grounds and were more than accommodating, sending me their number to text them if I needed anything, and giving me a tour of the bedrooms as they emptied out so I could see all the different styles in person.

Staying at Urban Cowboy B&B was such a fulfilling, multi-faceted experience. Their motto is "Arrive as Strangers, Leave as Friends", and it couldn't ring truer.

Check out Urban Cowboy B&B:


  1. Great post! The pictures are amazing :)

  2. Looks incredible!



  3. this is indeed a super duper place


  4. Oh wow that looks amazing, I love the idea of the nooks for reading and music room. And it's so beautiful <3

    The Quirky Queer

  5. Free whiskey? Count me in! My boyfriend would love this place. :]

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