All Eyes on Us

I literally snapped these photos on the way to the grocery store today. I'm still in the outfit, typing this. I really liked this comfy fall look, and saw a glossy black wall on the way to the store with a parking spot right in front of it (a New York miracle!), so a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, style-wise. Summer is cute and risqué, with high hems and low necklines, but it takes a lot of effort to make sure all your bits are covered. Winter is so hard to be cute during, especially in NYC. You're basically a human marshmallow and have limited mobility of your limbs. Right now is the perfect time--time for layers, comfy pajama-like clothing you can wear outdoors, and lots of loose, shapeless things.

I'm particularly in love with the quirky combination of this velvet turtleneck crop top + these eyeball-infested overalls. I wore my shearling-lined EMU sneakers with the look--further proof that I actually wear and love my sponsored stuff. ;)

I'm so looking forward to sweater weather, hot tea, cuddles at home with the heat blasting, and heat lamp-assisted get-togethers in my private backyard (another New York miracle). What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Lazy Oaf top / Michael Lauren overalls / EMU Australia shoes


  1. dying - obsessed with these overalls and shoes. i call dibs when you no longer want em ;)

  2. I got my eye on you o_o

    Eric Jess

  3. such a cute look!
    I'm honestly really excited to wear sweatpants and joggers again!

  4. I adore the combo beanie-jumpsuit

  5. I love hot tea and heater season! Love this outfit!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  6. those shoes! obsessed.
    its already chunky knits and scarfs weather here in england, cute looks like this are wasted on us!

    Dana |

  7. I'm totally looking forward to drinking tea in sweaters at cafes <3

  8. Super unique pieces and yo your hair looks great! xo

  9. you make this look so perfect and i want to snuggle you!!