Holiday Lookbook with Affirm

Holiday season is upon us - treat yourself and those you love while budgeting responsibly!

If you're an avid online shopper like me, you've probably heard of Affirm. Affirm is a one-stop shopping tool that makes great brands more accessible for consumers. It helps you spread out the payments on your purchases, so you can get the things you love and need all while not having to put your life on hold for them.

The holidays are an expensive time of the year, but Affirm gives shoppers a transparent (read: no hidden fees or surprises!) payment option that better aligns with their cash flows. No need to use your credit card on these purchases anymore!

I consider Affirm my own personal financial responsibility tool when it comes to shopping. Splitting up payments makes so much more sense for incoming paychecks, and not having to pay for extra credit card interest is a huge bonus.

Affirm partners with over 1200 fashion merchants ranging from clothes to accessories to cosmetics, and I see it organically on most of my favorite websites!

I've put together a chic holiday lookbook from three of their merchants that I already love and wear daily (you may see familiar names)! Hit the jump for my cool-weather looks.

I love busting out scarves when temperatures drop. I'm a little obsessed with them...I think I bought 6 last season! White + Warren has been in the affordable cashmere game for 20 years and makes my favorite cashmere pieces ever. This travel wrap is a bestseller and comes in a variety of vibrant hues. I love it because it's really wide, so you can style it as an accompaniment to your top instead of it just hanging around your neck. Here, I almost wear it *as* a top, covering my whole front with it and cinching it at the waist. I styled it with the Cobra Cuff with Diamonds from John Hardy and a fuzzy Botkier bag that I can sling across my body or on my shoulder with the detachable strap, or carry by the sleek handle.

You know I'm such an all-black-everything girl, and this outfit does me justice. As I get older, I am drawn to simple, flattering silhouettes that don't necessarily need flashiness to speak for themselves. This White + Warren cashmere sweater is part of their Essentials collection, and I can see why. My hunt for the perfect black turtleneck sweater is over. Everything about it - the length it hits, the way it lies on my shoulders, the precise tightness of the neck - makes this an everyday winter piece. I wore it with more John Hardy jewelry - silver this time, with the Naga Double Coil Bracelet with Leather, Naga Pendant Necklace, and Naga Saddle Ring - and a Botkier bag that is aptly named "Lunchbox" (because it's secretly stashing a whole bunch of snacks I got at the 7-11 next door).

Check out these designers and tons more on Affirm for the next big way to shop with peace of mind!

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