Nike React

Back again with the suit + sneakers combo (a legit fave of mine).

Sponsored by Nike.

I am no stranger to donning a suit and a fresh pair of kicks. I love the juxtaposition of structured and street; elegant and edgy.

My current daily warriors are the Nike React Element 55.

This particular colorway was my favorite. I typically favor warmer tones, but this pair spoke to me. Iridescent, shimmery (but not glittery), and with black and white accents, I was drawn to them and immediately knew how I was going to style them: paired with a powder blue suit.

It doesn't hurt that they're also crazy light (I can't feel the weight on my feet at all) and the comfortable soles provide hours of walking (and sometimes running-to-make-the-train-) time.

NYC has totally broke this previously 6-inch-platforms-wearing girl, but with beautiful kicks like these, who could be mad?

Get yours here.


  1. I've been loving the sneaker & suit combo lately! Your look pulls it off perfectly, and shows why I love it so much!

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